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Why try the Best Driving School in Brooklyn, New York?

At Fuzion Driving School, our goal is to help our students become safe drivers who pass their road test on the first try. But this can only be accomplished when you follow our 3 step process.

The first step is to click the red button above and schedule your 5 hour class. The second step is to schedule your road test.

The third step is to schedule your free 30 minute evaluation lesson so we can customize a game plan that is best suited just for you and how you learn.

This simple 3 step approach has helped many of our students pass without having to fail too many times or spend too much money or time to get their license.

Driving Lessons

Have you been searching google using the term Driving School Near Me? Look no more.

Fuzion Driving School can provide you with the driving lessons you need to accomplish your goal of becoming a safe driver who is able to pass his/her road test on your first try.

We recommend using the free 30 minute lesson as an evaluation lesson so we can customize a lesson plan suited for you.

Car for Road Test

Need a car for your road test in Brooklyn? Fuzion Driving School provides cars for road tests at Starette City, Red Hook, Coney Island, Ditmas Ave, Seaview and Beverley Rd road test sites in Brooklyn.

Our cars range in size from Toyota Corollas to Camrys and since you are not able to drive yourself to the road test site, we also provide you with a driver to and from the site.

So stop pestering friends and relatives. We are one phone call away.

Save up to $500.

Why pay more? Save up to $500 on a quality pre-owned car.

Use the same dealer we use to gain access to quality pre-owned cars.

All cars are inspected by our honest and reputable mechanic to ensure they are in top working order.

5 Hour Class Online Over Zoom

Last year more than 50% of road test applicants in New York State failed their road test. And, sad to say, many of those who failed, knew how to drive.

You see, most people believe that you have to be a great driver in order to pass the road test in New York.

Don't get me wrong, you do have to know how to drive. But to pass your road test, you also have to know what to do and what not to do.

Attend our next 5 hour class and we will show you what to do and what not to do.

Road Test Booking

We know that taking your driving road test can be a nerve-wracking experience. That's why we offer to book your road test for you! We'll take care of all the details, so you can focus on preparing for your test.

Permit Prep Class

Our Permit Prep Class is a comprehensive course that covers everything you need to know in order to pass your driver's permit test. The class is taught by experienced driving instructors who will help you learn the rules of the road and how to be a safe driver. You'll also get plenty of practice behind the wheel, so you'll feel confident when it comes time to take your test.

Professionally Certified Trainers!

Our instructors are professionally trained to help you become that safe driver who is able to pass his/her road test on the very first try.

Use the free 30 minutes evaluation to check out your instructor.

Learning To Drive Made Easy!

Learning to drive is a very complex and technical process. With the wrong person it can become a very difficult, drawn-out process resulting in you failing your road test many times and becoming totally turned off from driving. Why fail? We can help you pass.

Save up to $500!

Why pay full price?

Gain access to the same quality dealer we use.

A wide variety of quality pre-owned cars available for your perusal and selection.

See What Our Students Say About Us!

Free Driving Lesson When You Schedule
Your 5 Hour Class Online Now!

50% discount on your road test booking ($15)

10% discount on car for your road test (up to $20) discount

Chance to win $100 when you take part in our 40 Day Challenge Contest.

3 Free E-Books


Are You Expensive?

No, we are very reasonably priced for the quality service we deliver. However, I am quite sure that if you look enough, you will find someone who is cheaper.

But are you looking for cheaper or are you looking for properly trained driving instructors who can help you become the safe driver the NYS DMV inspector is more than happy to pass?

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Do You Offer Door To Door Service?

Yes we do.

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How Long Is Each Lesson?

Each session is 45 mins but if you want to do a one hour and 30 minutes lesson simply join 2 sessions together. Likewise a 2 hour and 15 minute lesson would consists of 3 sessions together.

If you are a beginning student we always recommend each lesson should be a minimum of one and half hour in duration. You see, learning to drive involves having to repeat things over and over. The more time you have in your lesson, the more you are able to repeat things.

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How many lessons do you recommend?

This is a difficult question to answer if we have not seen you drive. You see, we do not know your strong areas or your weak areas. This is why we recommend you take advantage of our free evaluation lesson so we can customize a lesson plan to help you pass.

If you have some experience driving, we still recommend taking the free evaluation lesson so we can find the areas where you need help.

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What Is The Best Road Test Site?

Whenever any of my students asked me this question, my response is always the same: "When you are road test ready, you can pass at any site and if you are not road test ready, you will fail at any site."

It's a total disgrace to see driving instructors posting posts, creating videos on the internet advising their students which sites to take their road test at.

What message is that instructor really trying to convey to you? He is telling you that he/she has no confidence in your ability to drive. In essence, you are not road test ready.

God forbid you should pass your road test in an area which is not challenging but you got into an accident because you live in a very challenging area like Flatbush Ave.

God forbid you should have you children or loved ones with you.

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